"Demo Reel"

I created this piece to show the style and diversity in my work, a demo reel. But after editing and digging through footage, the piece evolved into an expression of the beauty and contrasts in the world, as I see it.

"60 Seconds of Congo"

This is a montage of footage from the past two years of work in DR Congo. The film is now being edited in New York and we hope to be festival ready by the Spring 2015.

Post Production
festival ready by the Spring 2015

"This is Congo" Teaser

Feature length documentary / 80 min.

Exploring the complicated resource wars of Eastern Congo.

Post Production
festival ready by the Spring 2015


Travel piece filmed in Marrakech, Morocco

"Aqua Quest"

Documentary Television Show / Episodic 42 min

Ocean explorer Captain Bob Mayne and filmmaker Michael McCabe are setting out on a global quest to discover history once lost to the sea.

In Production

"Hard Times"

Music video filmed in Port au Prince, Haiti and Miami

Artist - Sekajipo

"Behind the scenes"

This is a short combined demo and behind the scenes reel. I've been fortunate to have traveled to and worked in some amazing places. This piece will give a feel for who I am and what I shoot.