ELLE Magazine / Various locaions

This is a sample of my travel and lifestyle work for ELLE magazine. I chose locations in Ecuador, Mexico City, Miami and Bahamas to shoot editorials for the magazine.

Romero Britto / Miami

I was commissioned to do a portrait with, artist, Romero Britto. I decided to shoot in his downtown Miami apartment. Romero’s rich and colorful personality is reflected in his artwork as well as his sense of style. It was a pleasure to meet him and spend a couple days in his world.

Life in the Riad / Marrakech, Morocco

I was asked to come to Marrakech to create promotional material for a couple hotels. Known as a Riad, these are former homes which have been renovated to become intimate hotels. After making my way through the maze like streets of the Medina, I was delighted to find an oasis of refined dining and comfort.

Momaboma / Miami

Maurizio flew in from Itally to produce a shoot for his accessory brand, Momaboma. After meeting and having some drinks, it was clear that this was a man who saw life as an experience and an adventure. I felt this could not be a typical studio shoot. So we rented a Harley Davidson and set out to see what Miami had to offer.

Rebels / Congo (DRC)

We traveled North from Goma, Congo to meet with a group of Mai Mai rebels. These men fought and often died for their cause. What was right, what was wrong? These are typical western questions, but it’s naive to think we could easily sort that out. What was more important was to go to them and simply hear what they had to say. It was clear that nothing is black and white in Congo.

Solar de Uyuni / Bolivia

I flew down to Bolivia to help a friend with his documentary. His film centered around quinoa farmers and quinoa industry as a whole. Bolivia is situated in a uniquely high and arid part of the world. Because of this, much of the land can only maintain one crop, quinoa. Central to all of this is the Solar de Uyuni, the worlds largest salt flat. Farmers attribute much of their success its salt and reflected sunlight.

La Moskitia / Honduras

I traveled to La Moskitia, a remote region in far Eastern Honduras. I was there to document the life of the Moskito Indians. They live isolated, both physically and socially, from the rest of the country. La moskitia is a beautiful, difficult, and troubled region but it is rich with culture, and people do what they must to survive.

Numbi / Congo (DRC)

My brother and I traveled to the mining town of Numbi, in Eastern Congo. Our journey was nothing short of an adventure as the roads were basically non existent. We were there to document life of the miners working in this remote town. This town, unknown to most Westerners, plays an important roll in the global electronics minerals market.